Benefits of an Outdoor Lighting System

At Halo Outdoor, we know the business of illumination. We’ve been providing the finest quality, custom outdoor lighting systems for San Antonio and surrounding areas for the past 10 years.

If you’re wondering what the benefits of a custom outdoor lighting system are, read on:


Developing a dynamic outdoor lighting system involves much more than just putting a few lights in the ground. As a first step, the professionals at Halo survey your home, landscape and foliage. Then, we draft a plan customized just for you that will provide the most attractive and dramatic illumination effects for your architectural elements and yard.

And it doesn’t stop there. Other features that are unique to your home, such as waterfalls, arbors and vine-covered garden walls can also be illuminated, making your outdoor environment even more visually dramatic.


At Halo Outdoor, we use only the finest-quality stainless steel fixtures. This ensures that your lighting system will last for years with minimum upkeep. We also utilize low-voltage LED bulbs that are longer lasting, generate less heat and use less power than halogen bulbs. The electrical cabling we use is also safe, durable and hidden from view.


Beautiful and dramatic, a well-designed outdoor lighting system will add so much to your home’s “wow” factor. Your neighbors and visitors will be impressed, and if there comes a time when you ever want to sell your home, Halo’s outdoor lighting will provide serious curb appeal.


Outdoor lighting also provides illumination in areas that would otherwise be dark, such as dense shrubberies or walkways. This helps to prevent trips and falls — especially important if you live with elderly loved ones or children.

“Our customers in San Antonio have been delighted with our work,” said Jeremy Tarver, Halo’s Director of Sales. “They’re always in awe of how transformative thoughtfully executed outdoor lighting design can be.”

Contact Halo Outdoor in San Antonio and let us help enhance the beauty of your architecture and landscape today!