Landscape Lighting for Beauty and Security

Everyone wants a beautiful home, inside and out. We spend a lot of money on landscaping, soft scaping, and hard scaping. We spend hours on the weekends mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, trimming along our driveways. And when we’re done, the house looks incredible…as long as the sun is up. Once the sun goes down, perhaps we spend some time around a fire pit in the backyard. But more often, we go inside and we don’t think about the exterior of the house at all. OR, we go out for the night. Perhaps we take the family out to dinner and a movie. Maybe we actually head out of town for the night, leaving the dark exterior of the house to itself.

Only one group of people really like a dark house. That group is burglars and criminals, people that see a dark house as an opportunity. Last November, 5 people were arrested and accused of carrying our more than 50 car burglaries in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio. Apparently, they also attempted a jewelry heist as well. The number of people attempting home burglaries increases around the holidays, but is an issue year round. In 2016 there were over 12,000 incidences of burglary in San Antonio, and over 7,000 incidences of vehicle theft ( Both of those numbers are increases over the year 2015.

Now, there are lots of different ways to protect your home. Obviously a home security system is beneficial. As is living in a neighborhood with a security gate, or even a manned security station. And one simple improvement to your home can really make a difference…outdoor/landscape lighting. This is not something you want to try and accomplish by purchasing some solar powered LED lights at the local hardware store. You want to consult with a professional. Every project that we install involves a deep, and detailed process. We come to your home and set up a demo of what your home will look like at night, with lighting. We take into consideration areas that are naturally dark around your home, making sure to light them up! This improves your safety, and the safety of your home and family. Consider the difference between this home, before and after landscape lighting was added:

It seems pretty obvious which version of this home is a real target, and which one not only looks better, but is safer and more secure.

Contact us today to discuss how we can make your home more beautiful, while helping protect your family!