Make Your House Bigger, and Brighter

San Antonio Outdoor Lighting Company, Landscape Lighting, Lighting company in San AntonioFor most people, their home is the largest investment they will ever make. Many, even most, people live in the same home for decades. But talk to any homeowner, and they will talk about the things they wish their house had, or things that they wish they could change. But it is usually cost prohibitive to buy the neighbor’s property or to add an addition. So, what can you do?

Enter outdoor lighting, where we take the square footage you stop thinking about as living space once the sun goes down, and make it useable. Many homes are improved by landscape/outdoor lighting, and it certainly can add to a home’s aesthetic and security, but that isn’t where the benefits of lighting end.

It’s human nature to avoid dimly lit or dark areas, even in our own backyards! The issue here is that for most of us, our yards have more square footage than the inside of our home. If we add light to those dark areas, we can double or even triple our livable square footage, creating more room to entertain, and adding to the value of our property. Put another way, professionally designed outdoor lighting pushes the boundaries of our homes, the more that we light, the more we can see, and the further into our yards people will venture.

There are a lot of factors to consider when designing an outdoor living space based around outdoor lighting. You can go to a large box store, pick up some solar powered LED lights and hope for the best (hint, it won’t work out for the best)…or you can talk to a professional, a group that considers:

  • How does the lighting look from inside the house, when all of the lights are on?
  • Have you lined all of the boundaries, properly showing softscapes and pathways?
  • Does the layout of lighting include considerations of form and function? Meaning, are lights placed in places that enhance the environment without leaving people staring directly into spot light or other features?
  • Live demos, coming to your home and setting up the lights to give you an idea of what the final look of your home will be.

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