Why invest in an outdoor lighting system?

–          Beauty, safety and value.  A lighting system from Halo Outdoor will add undeniable beauty to any home or landscape.  At the same time, the clean sheet of light we create across your house will eliminate dark areas without the unpleasant glare of flood lights.  Investing in a lighting system from Halo Outdoor will also add value to your property by completely transforming the look of your home at night.

Do low voltage fixtures put out enough light?

–          Make no mistake; a high quality low voltage lighting system has more than enough power to illuminate your home, landscape and other structures with minimal impact on your electric bill.  Integrating low voltage fixtures around your home and outdoor living space creates a truly majestic high end experience.

How much will my electric bill go up?

–          No way to determine exactly, but our average lighting system (15-20 lights) running for 5 hours a night will run  approximately $10 – $12 a month.  Bottom line, you can enjoy the beauty of a low voltage lighting system around your home and property every night for less than $150 a year!

Do you offer LED systems?

–          Yes, we use the Flex Series LED Lamps from Unique Lighting Systems.  Housed in our heavy duty cast brass fixtures, this is the most durable, long-lasting and efficient LED system on the market.

Will the lighting system turn on and off automatically?

–          Yes, our standard timers will turn your lighting system on every evening, as well as turn the system off at a time that you designate.

How long before you can install my system?

–          We are usually about 2 weeks out on installations, depending on the time of year.  A typical installation can take 1-2 days, depending on the level of custom work and obstacles.