An outdoor illumination system can utilize the finest lighting fixtures in the world and still produce mediocre results if not installed properly. That’s why Halo Outdoor utilizes the safest, most efficient techniques for installing low voltage lighting systems.

A top notch installation starts with top notch employees. Our highly skilled installation team has years of experience with a wide variety of low voltage lighting applications. We don’t take shortcuts, which is why our custom installations look as good during the day as they do at night.

The real advantage of our installations is the part you don’t see…because it’s buried underground. The layout of our wiring system is what truly sets us apart from many competitors. While some companies “daisy-chain” their fixtures together in a row, resulting in inconsistent light patterns and bulb life, we utilize a far more effective strategy. Our wiring technique can be described as a hub and spoke system, where the main lines coming out of the transformers branch out to many groupings of fixtures. This helps us achieve the desired voltage range at each fixture, resulting in consistent light output and longer bulb life.

Our installations incorporate commercial-grade heavy gauge wire and silicone filled water-proof connectors. Our automatic timers and stainless steel transformers are manufactured by the industry leader, Unique Lighting Systems, Inc.  These heavy duty components, combined with our superior installation techniques, will help insure that your lighting system will function properly for years to come.